Wiki examples and resources

For your wiki assignment, you might want to start with Wikipedia. There is information on Wikipedia on all the authors whose graphic memoirs we are studying. For example, Wikipedia has information on Marjane Satrapi that includes a list of helpful links for research on Satrapi and her graphic novel Persepolis. Wikipedia also has information on Alison Bechdel and Fun Home. Again there is an extensive list of references and links for research. Harvey Pekar has his own Wikipedia entry as does his memoir American Splendor.

Your group task is to create a wiki on one of the four memoirs. You may think initially…."well, we can just copy everything from Wikipedia" and our group is done. Sorry, that won't get you much in the way of marks. Since I'm familiar with the sites, I'll be certain to check for other references and links and that when you copy something from any of the references or links that you document it with a footnote. Check out the Wikipedia site of Watchmen, a graphic novel. Note the use of footnotes at the end of the entry,

In your assignment, each section is required to have footnotes. Instead of one long list at the end, each of the five sections of your wiki will add its own set of footnotes at the end of the wiki. That'll be easier for you to keep track of the numbers and resources you are using for your individual sections.

If you go to the Educational Wikis Site you will find over a hundred examples of the use of wikis in classrooms from elementary school to college. Check out one of several class wikis used by Professors Michael Jones and David Gelb of the Communication, Culture and Information Technology (CCIT) program.

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